How to Get Motivated & Organized

A disorganized life can kill your motivation to move forward with your goals. If you have no control over your home or your schedule, you might find yourself always under pressure or on the run. It works the opposite way as well. If you have no motivation, chances are things will never get organized.

Invest in a few organization tools. You might need an electronic organizer or at least a notebook to get things set up. Online to-do lists or organization software might also help if you prefer working on the computer. You can also type and print a master to-do list that includes repetitive tasks such as doing the laundry or shopping for dog food.

Create a to-do list of the things you need to organize in your home or office. Break it down room by room. If you feel overwhelmed, putting things down on paper will make it easier to get the motivation you need to get started.

Create a second list of things in your life that need organization. This could include anything to your studies to learning to manage time to setting up a budget. According to Leo Babauta, author of the book “The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential, in Business and in Life” and creator of the website Zen Habits, one of the reasons people don’t get motivated to do things is because they’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start 2. Getting things organized and in order will make it easier to move.

Break down large projects into small steps, so that it’s easier to keep track of changes and what needs to be done. For example, if you need to get the kitchen organized, write things like “clear junk drawer” and “throw away expired food’ in your list.

Give everything a permanent home. If the lack of organization has to do with your home setup, you might need to buy a few pieces of furniture or at least large plastic containers so that you can put things away at the end of each day or after using them.

Cross out things on your list as you accomplish them. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction and will motivate you to keep going. Your list should include both small and large items, so that you can cross out at least one thing every day.


Give yourself a reason to keep going. Promise yourself you’ll get a massage or go out to lunch if you finish organizing a certain room by a certain date. Or, look at the possible rewards of being organized. If you no longer misplace things, you won’t have to buy replacements and could use the saved money for something else.

If you feel too stressed, review your list and make sure it’s not too demanding. Make adjustments if your schedule changes and you can’t keep up with previous goals.