How to Keep Disposable Wipes Moist

Disposable wipes solve many problems. They're perfect for cleaning your baby's little bottom, but you can also use them to clean up messes at home or on the go. Some companies even produce wipes that are for cleaning specific surfaces. Unfortunately, disposable wipes sometimes become dry, making them unusable. Take care in storing your wipes and you'll find that they can stay moist for a long time 1.

Store the wipes in a resealable plastic bag. Many already come in their own plastic bag, but if you purchase the kind in a plastic box, you might need to place the wipes in a sandwich bag instead.

Close the cover completely after you remove the wipes that you need. If air can get into the packaging, it will dry the wipes out. Most containers have a sticker that covers the hole through which you can remove the wipes. Press the sticker down firmly.

Store the wipes in a moderate temperature. If it's too cold, the wipes can freeze. If it's too hot, they might dry out.


Adding water to wipes that have gotten dry can make them usable again.

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