Carnival Games for Teens

Whether you are on the planning committee for your teenager's high school carnival or organizing a carnival-themed teen birthday celebration, you will want to make the day an enjoyable experience for him and other attending teens. Childish carnival games, such as a duck pond, are too immature for this group of kids. Instead, plan age-appropriate games that offer more of a challenge for teenagers.

Walk for Prizes

Ask all teenagers to donate a different inexpensive prize, such as a $5 gift card to a music store, and place them on a display table. Write a circle of numbers on the ground for the amount of teens playing and have each teen stand on one. Place numbered slips in a hat to coincide with the circle of numbers on the ground. Let them walk around the circle while music is playing. Randomly stop the music and draw a number from a hat. The teen standing on the winning number is out of the game and can select a prize from the table. Continue playing until all the prizes are gone.

Dunk the Teacher

Teenagers will enjoy trying to dunk an infamous teacher or parent into water. Rent a dunking booth to set up outdoors. The teacher or parent volunteer will sit on the booth's seat with a large tank of water underneath. The volunteer can dress in a silly costume to make the game even more hilarious. Let the teens line up to take turns to strike a ball at the booth's target. The teen who successfully hits the target will get the dunking booth's seat to lift causing the volunteer to fall into the water. Be sure to have cameras on hand to take pictures of the volunteer's ill fate.

Toss the Ball

Teenage sports fans will enjoy trying their hand at carnival versions of their favorite games. Hang a tire from a tree or a secure pole. Let teens line up to take turns to throw footballs through the tire from several feet away. Each teen will get three attempts to successfully throw the ball through the tire. If any teen is able to throw the ball into the tire, reward him with a small prize, such as a key chain. Additionally, set up a basketball toss. Each teen will get three tries to toss a ball through a portable basketball hoop from several feet away. Reward the winning teens with prizes.

Stomp the Balloon

Teenagers can stomp their way to a prize. Place prize tickets in several balloons and inflate them. Each ticket will coincide with a small prize, such as a king-sized candy bar. Place all the prizes on a display table. Then, inflate some more balloons without tucking in a prize ticket. Spread all the balloons on the ground. The teens will get one chance to stomp any balloon of their choice. The popped balloon will either reveal nothing or a prize ticket. If the balloon the teen stomps on reveals a ticket, the teen is rewarded with the prize that coincides with the ticket.