Fall Crafts for Teen Girls

Working on craft projects can be a bonding experience for you and your teen daughter -- if you can get her to put her phone down long enough. When autumn rolls around, plan teen-friendly crafts with a fall theme. Whether your teen has an eye for crafting or can barely paint inside the lines, the two of you can enjoy quality time while making crafts that she can decorate her room with or even wear.


Help your teen make a stylish maple stencil T-shirt by tracing a maple leaf shape onto freezer paper, with the shiny side down. Have her cut it out using a craft knife, and seal it onto the shirt using a warm iron. Paint inside the stencil using acrylic paint in fall colors. Peel off the freezer paper to reveal the design. Make sure to put another piece of freezer paper inside the shirt to prevent paint bleeding through. Your teen can also cover a plain, old pair of ballet flats in a fall-themed fabric for brand new shoes. Cover the shoes in a decoupage glue, which you can make using three parts basic school glue and one part water. Cover the shoes in the chosen fabric, cutting where necessary so it fits the shoe properly.


Your teen can turn a small branch into a cute jewelry holder. Have your teen choose a branch with lots of other little branches, ideal for hanging jewelry. Let it dry out for a day or so, then she can use metallic spray paint to cover the branch. Stick it in floral foam so that it stands. Another idea is to make a stylish fall-themed mask, perfect for a fun masquerade party or for just goofing around with friends. Have your teen cut out a mask shape from card stock paper, including cutting out the eyeholes. Using well-pressed fall leaves, have her use strong craft glue to the leaves all over the mask so the card stock is fully covered.


Your teen can make a fall-themed magnet board for her room using tissue paper in fall colors. Cover the magnet board with decoupage glue, and then place small squares of tissue paper all over the board, so that the pieces overlap each other slightly. Cover the tissue paper with at least two layers of decoupage glue, letting it dry fully between each coat. Another idea your teen can do is make decorate leaf candleholders. Have her choose small fall leaves, cover the outside of a plain glass candle holder in decoupage glue, then add the leaves in any type of design she would like.


Help your teen create fall-themed artwork she can hang on her walls. Pick up decorate fake leaves from a craft store and have your teen spray paint them in fall colors. She can then mount the leaves onto black paper in any type of pattern or design and frame it for an eye-catching piece of art. Another idea is to have her paint a brown tree trunk and brunches on a large sheet of poster board, then glue on crumbled up pieces of tissue paper to make a decorative fall tree.