Obstacle Course Games for Teens

Whether your teens are always saying they are bored or you are looking to keep your teens and their friends out of mischief around the house, consider setting up a teen-friendly obstacle course. Choose creative obstacles that challenge the teens physically, encouraging healthy competition and allowing them to just be silly and have a blast with their friends.

Crazy Clothing Obstacle Course

Create obstacle courses in which the kids have to put on certain articles of clothing along the course. For a basic clothing-themed obstacle course, place one item of clothing at different places on the course. One person might crawl under a table, then grab a necktie laying in a pile, jump through plastic hoops, then throw on an over-sized shirt. For another type of clothing obstacle course, make the entire course about putting on an outfit based on a certain occupation. Fill one box with pants for different jobs, such as doctor scrubs, overalls for farmers and dress pants for an office professional. Place another box a few yards away filled with things like a doctor's coat, a firefighter coat and a dress shirt, then place another box filled with hats of various occupations in another location. Before the teens run the course, assign them an occupation. They must run to the boxes and find the appropriate clothing for that occupation.

Playground Obstacle Course

Take the teens to a large playground in your area in the late evening, when young children have gone home. Challenge them to look at the playground as the ultimate obstacle course. Depending on the equipment at the playground, you can have the teens go across the monkey bars, walk up the slides, do chin-ups on the pull-up bars, crawl through tubes and underneath bridges, and run two laps around the entire playground structure. If that seems too easy for the teens, give them weight belts or backpacks filled with heavy books that they must wear to go through the course.

Kiddie Obstacle Courses

Have the teens go through obstacle courses where they get to be little kids again. You might have them zig-zag through several cones on a tricycle, use a large plastic hoop for 10 seconds, jump through a hopscotch design, and jump rope to the finish line. You can also do a kiddie birthday-theme obstacle course. You could have the teens put on a child's birthday party hat, hit a small pinata until candy comes out, dig through a wading pool filled with balloons to find one with "happy birthday" written on it and race with a piece of cake to the finish line.

Messy Obstacle Course

Let the teens get down and dirty with messy obstacle courses. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to how messy you can make these obstacles. For one obstacle, you could have the kids dig through a wading pool filled with milk and cereal to find a "toy" like the ones that come in children's cereals. At another part in the course, the kids might have to roll a bouncy ball covered in honey. Instruct the kids to roll themselves in chocolate sauce, then roll around in a wading pool of dried oatmeal. Have the kids slide to a messy finish on a tarp covered with gelatin dessert and whipped cream.

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