How to Set Up an Intex Pool

By Melody Dawn,

Swimming in your own pool can provide hours of fun. Intex pools provide the enjoyment of a swimming pool but without the big costs of an in-ground pool. Intex pools are easy to set up as long as you have a level ground area to place your pool.

Installing your pool

Unpack your pool from the box and make sure everything is there. This is important in the proper setup of your pool. If anything is missing you should contact Intex at 1-800-234-6839 and they will ship the needed part to you.

Choose a level area in your yard for your pool. To do this correctly, if the ground is not level you will need to us a shovel and get the area as level as possible. If you place the pool on uneven ground it can sag and cause overflow. Make sure there are no rocks or other sharp objects on the ground where the pool will lay or it could cut a hole in the liner of the pool.

Unfold and lay the pool out on the area that you have chosen. Intex recommends a tarp underneath the pool to protect the liner. The blue inflatable ring will be on the innermost part of the circumference of the pool. Inflate the ring before you start filling the pool. Intex sells a pump that can be used with the pool or you can purchase one at most department stores.

Use a garden hose to begin filling your pool. Make sure the water is even into to pool. If it is not then you may need to level the ground some more. While the pool is filling be sure to smooth out any wrinkles in the liner. As the water level gets higher, the pool will rise up on its own.

Turn the filter on and be sure to follow the instructions on any chemicals that will be needed to maintain the pool. A pool cover can be used to make cleaning the pool easier. A solar cover can be used to help heat your pool in the summer months. Maintenance is important in maintaining the life of the pool.

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