How to Sell a Used Bicycle

By Emily Fisher
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Purchasing a new bicycle may be considered a pricey proposition. If you no longer need your bicycle and wish to recoup a portion of the money spent with its purchase, you may want to sell your bicycle. Although the bicycle may be gently used, using proper selling techniques will help snag a buyer for your bicycle.

Create a descriptive advertisement. When buyers are looking for merchandise, they typically search for their desired specifications. Include the bike's brand, color, year of manufacture and frame type. Additionally, be truthful about the bike's condition. Save the description to use in your advertisement.

Wash and shine the bicycle to ensure its appearance is as enticing as possible. A clean bicycle indicates the bicycle was well cared for.

Take photos of the bicycle. Images help a potential buyer visualize the bicycle. Photograph the bicycle in front of a clutter-free background. A photo of a shiny, clean bicycle appeals more than an image of a dirty bicycle in a cluttered garage.

Place ads either on Internet sites or in your surrounding community. Include the written description and photographs of the bike. Online auction and shopping sites that can be used to sell used bicycles include but are not limited to: Craigslist, eBay, Local Bike Trader and Sell A Bike. If you choose to distribute information in your community, post fliers advertising your bicycle in local establishments that allow postings on bulletin boards. Many co-ops and small business allow customers with an established rapport to post fliers.

Place a classified advertisement in a local newspaper, using the written description.

Visit a local bike shop. Inquire if it will allow you to post a flier in the shop. Additionally, some shops provide the option to sell your bike on consignment. This means the shop will handle the transaction and give you an agreed upon portion of the sale.

Communicate and negotiate with the potential buyers interested in your bicycle. If you must sell your bicycle and do not receive offers at the original listed price, you may want to negotiate a price with the person who made the best offer.

Meet in a neutral, safe place to carry out the transaction after a sales agreement has been reached. It is most safe to meet in a public, well-lit place.

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