How to Buy Batteries for Kids' Electric Cars

By John Smith

There many brands and models of kids' electric cars, and many brands and models of batteries for kids' electric cars. But buying batteries for kids' electric cars can be done with a single work flow. If you're unaware that batteries differ, even if they are the same size, you could choose the wrong battery and end up with either poor performance, a dangerous situation including fire, acid leakage, and damage to the toy.

Determine the exact specifications of the battery you need. Because of the vast number of brands and models, rely only on the manufacturer's information. The best source of information is the owner's manual, or any specifications inside the kids' electric car's battery compartment. As a last resort, refer to the battery you are replacing.

Write down all of the specifications for the replacement battery: size, voltage, AMP rating, and whether it is rechargeable or not. Keep these notes. When you begin shopping for batteries, you could become overwhelmed by all of the different specifications of batteries. You could easily forget the proper specifications.

Use online shopping databases to run a few quick searches. At this point you are checking for prices so you will have a good idea of what a good price on the battery should be.

Call toy stores and electronics dealers to check on their prices. Call two or three. You may be pleasantly surprised by finding prices lower or equal to Internet prices.

Make your purchase. Be sure to double-check the specifications before installing the battery. Don't cut corners. Don't think that 12 volts is only 3 more than 9 volts. Don't assume that almost meeting specifications is good enough. It isn't. Replace the batteries in your kids' electric car only with batteries that meet the specifications.

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