Ways to Display Kids' Medals

Show your kids how proud you are by displaying their medals in your home.

Medals are a sign of your children's achievements and should be displayed proudly in your home. Sometimes life gets busy and medals get placed to the side, in a drawer or cabinet; it happens to the best of moms. Now is the time to bring them out for all to see, so your children can be reminded of their accomplishments and be proud. Whether your goal is to display the medals in your children's bedrooms or in another part of your home, there are an array of ways you can accomplish this.


Take your children's medals to a photo framer and have them placed inside a photo frame, grouped by sport, event or the year the medals were earned by your kids. Choose a mount board color that will complement the medals or select your children's school or team colors. Similarly, you could also have the medals mounted inside a shadow box that can be displayed on the wall. Make your child's one-of-a-kind by placing his jersey behind the medals, if the medal is from a sporting event. Or, have photos of your child from the event he participated in placed inside the frame or shadow box. You could also place award certificates in with the medals.

On the Wall

If framing isn't what you had in mind for your kids medals, you could simply hang them individually from your kids' bedroom walls. Choose an empty wall in the bedrooms and just hammer some nails or use removable wall hooks to hang them from. You could do something simple like hanging them in a straight line across the top of the wall or you could get creative and make a pattern, with some hanging higher and some lower. Again, you could hang jerseys, team shirts, sporting gear or items from the competition on the same wall as the medals.

From the Ceiling

If there's not really room for hanging medals on the wall or you just want to do something a bit different, you could always hang the medals from the ceiling. Hang them from the ceiling along a wall or hang them all above your children's beds, so they can see them when they lay down to go to sleep at night. You can even make them hang at various lengths to create a cool wave pattern. Alternatively, create hanging mobiles from the medals from each of the various sports your child has played or events he has participated in. For example, if your child plays baseball, make a mobile from his baseball medals and add other items like his outgrown batting gloves or cardboard baseball cutouts.

Curtain Rod Display

Another adorable idea is to replace the valance on your child's bedroom windows with their medals instead. Take the valance off of the curtain rod and just slide the medals onto the rod and stagger them out, making a pattern by length if they are various lengths, so that they stretch from one end to the other. You could also replace the ribbon or string that the medals are hanging from with new ribbons that match the room. If your daughter has a princess themed room, for example, you use pink and purple ribbons to create a pattern. If your son has a camouflaged room, you could replace the ribbons with black, green and brown to match the rest of the room.

Headboard Display

Turn your older children's headboards into a medal display area. You could mount a large sheet of corkboard onto the existing headboards or onto the wall at the head of your kids' beds to create a headboard. Then, just pin medals and ribbons onto the corkboard. You could simply arrange the medals in neat rows from one end to the other or alternate hanging one up high with one midway down the board. Keep in mind that you would need to use flat headed thumb tacks to prevent your child from bumping his head onto one and wouldn't want to use this idea for young children that might be tempted to pull the tacks out.