How to Use Training Pants During the Early Stage of Potty Training

Saying goodbye to dirty diapers and public changing tables forever is a liberating feeling for parents, but the transition from diapers to training pants is often a scary one. You might fear potty training your toddler because he may not get it right away, or you may have a number of messes to clean up or it may simply remind you that your little one isn’t so little anymore 2. However you feel about the early stages of potty training, there is no other feeling quite like the one you get when your little one uses the potty for the first time 2. He may or may not get the concept of using the potty right away, but you can ensure that messes are not a problem by using training pants when you begin potty training your little one 2.

Talk to your little one about this transition and make it a big deal for her. Tell her she’s a big girl now and that she doesn’t have to wear those old baby diapers anymore. According to the Mayo Clinic, getting her excited about training pants will make it easier for her to take them off if she has to use the restroom 2. Training pants are a natural transition from diapers to underwear because they are a little bit of both. You don’t have to worry about your little one having an accident because training pants work like a diaper to keep the mess inside. However, they’re more like underwear because they slip on and off -- though you can unattach the sides like a diaper if your little one has an accident -- and they look more like underwear than diapers.

Take her shopping to pick out her own training pants, advises the Mayo Clinic 2. If you let her pick out a special package for herself, such as ones with her favorite princess or cartoon character on them, she’s less likely to want to go to the bathroom in her pants, which means she’ll try harder to use the bathroom.

Put training pants on your child at night, during naps and when you are out of the home, advises KidsHealth 1. Some parents find it easier to potty train their children when they wear regular underwear around the house because they view training pants the same way as diapers, which cause youngsters no discomfort when they have an accident 2. Potty training children who wear regular underwear typically do experience discomfort when and if they have an accident 2. Training pants are especially important at night because it takes several months for children to master their bladders at night, which means they will have accidents more often than not.


Use a plastic bed cover underneath your child’s sheets but above her mattress to prevent nighttime accidents from ruining her mattress.