How to Use the DivaCup to Get Pregnant

Being pregnant can be the most exciting time in a couple's life. Sometimes couples can experience difficulties when trying to get pregnant, and going to a fertility doctor can be very expensive. Using a DivaCup or another type of menstrual cup may improve your chances of getting pregnant 1. They are available at most drugstores. Instead of using the cup during menstruation, you insert it after intercourse to increase your chances of becoming pregnant by pooling semen near the cervix.

Determine what size DivaCup you will need 1. They are available in two sizes: under 30 and/or women with no previous pregnancies; and over 30 and/or women who have given birth. You want it to fit securely so thaat it doesn't leak or move once it's in place.

Practice insertion and proper placement of the DivaCup before use 1. Instructions on how to insert and remove it are on the package. Always handle the DivaCup with clean hands 1.

Insert the DivaCup immediately after intercourse, while you are still laying down 1. It should fit securely against your cervix so that semen has a better chance of passing into the uterus. Wear for no more than 12 hours.

Remove the DivaCup with your middle finger 1. Keep it level as you pull it out instead of pulling it straight down, so that you do not spill its contents.


Wash the diva cup after each use with warm water and mild soap. Store in the cotton pouch that is provided in the package.

You can deposit semen directly into the cup before insertion.