How to Use Breast Milk for Medicinal Purposes

Use Breast Milk for Medicinal Purposes

How to Use Breast Milk for Medicinal Purposes. Not only is breast milk the most perfect food for your baby, there are many other uses for breast milk. The antibacterial and healing properties of breast milk make it a wonderful remedy for anything from an eye infection to a stuffy nose. Cancer patients have been known to drink breast milk to boost their immune systems.

Rub a little breast milk into a bug bite to help stop the itching.

Squirt some breast milk into an infected eye. Continue to do this four times a day until the infection has cleared up. This works well with conjunctivitis.

Unstuff your nose with a squirt of breast milk. After you squirt it in, suction or blow the nose as you would if you were to use saline.

Soak a cotton ball in breast milk and apply it to a clean face to help heal acne.

Rinse your contact lens with breast milk to clean it. This is great if you need to clean a lens but you don't have any solution.

Express a bit of breast milk, and apply it to a cold sore. This helps with the pain and speeds up the healing.

Drink a cup of breast milk to help boost the immune system. This is not only great for children, but adults can also benefit from the healing properties of breast milk.


Add some breast milk to a smoothie, soup or other dish. It's a great way to get breast milk into adults who are hesitant to drink it.