How to Use the babyPro All-In-One Baby Food Processor

Steaming fruits, vegetables, and meats for homemade baby food allows parents to know exactly what's in their child's food. However, many parents use separate food mills, blenders, and steamers to create the food. These separate pieces of kitchenware can be cumbersome and take up valuable space. The babyPro All-In-One Processor allows parents to steam and puree baby food using one device. Not only does this reduce the need for extra counter space, but this allows parents to clean only one processor.

Processing Instructions

Plug the cord into a standard electrical outlet.

Remove all steamer parts from the base. The steamer parts include the steamer cover, outer food basket, and inner food basket.

Pour required water into the steamer heater in the base of the processor. Most fruits and vegetables require 1 ounce of water but cooking times may vary. The manufacturer's instructions include a time chart for the steaming cycles of various foods.

Place the inner food basket into the outer steamer container. Put the outer steamer container on the base.

Place 1/2 inch cubes of food into the inner food basket and place the steamer cover on top of the outer food container.

Press the steam button, and wait until the steamer shuts off. The steamer shuts off after the water evaporates.

Wait for the steamer to cool and remove the cover.

Remove the inner food basket from the steamer and transfer the food to the chopper container. If you want to preserve more nutrients and use the water from the steaming process, remove the outer container from the steamer and pour the water into the chopper container.

Place the chopper cover onto the chopper container. Twist the cover into a locked position by turning the chopper container clockwise until it clicks into place.

Press the chopper button and hold it down until the food reaches a puree or strained consistency.

Remove the cover by turning the chopper container counter-clockwise.

Remove the chopper blade.

Twist the chopper container to remove it from the base for food retrieval.


There are many sites, like Learning Curve, which offer free download-able recipe booklets.


Do not use this product to prepare quantities of food larger than 9 ounces. Do not steam less than 3 ounces of food. Ensure all lids are in place before processing food, and only touch the handles and knobs immediately after use; the device heats quickly and reaches temperatures that may burn skin. Do not touch the steamer while the steam cycle runs. Exercise caution when removing the chopper blade.

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