Training Pants for Girls

Potty training incites anxiety in many parents as their little one makes the transition from baby to “big girl." The method you choose for potty training is up to you, but take heart in knowing that manufacturers have got you covered when it comes to training pants 12. You can choose from standard baby colors and prints and favorite characters to make your little princess feel special. Keep in mind, however, that the purpose of training pants is to aid in accomplishing the task and choose according to your needs.

Pull-On Panties

To make potty training easier for your daughter, provide her with training pants that are easy to pull up and down 12. The training pants should have some absorbency in the center section to prevent excessive leaking while she is learning, while also allowing her to realize that she is wet and is a little uncomfortable 3. Unlike diapers, training pants are not designed to keep her feeling dry and comfortable.

Waterproof Training Pants

If you want to provide some protection for carpeting and upholstery while your daughter is potty training, choose waterproof panties 2. Some varieties maintain the look and feel of cotton panties but have the added protection of a nylon inner liner that keeps messes contained. Your little girl will still feel the moisture against her skin, but it won’t make its way to your furniture. Some training pants are available with plastic outer covers that protect your furnishings from accidents while your child is learning this new routine.

Plastic Covers

Separate plastic covers can be worn over training pants 2. When your daughter has an accident, she will still realize it since her panties will feel wet, but the plastic cover will provide added protection for household furnishings. Use these plastic covers at night and at nap time to protect bedding while your daughter is learning to use the potty.

Disposable Training Pants

Disposable training pants are basically disposable diapers that are pulled on and off as opposed to using tapes to secure them 3. One advantage of disposable pants is that little ones can pull them up and down like panties, giving your little girl the feeling of being a “big girl." The pants have side closures to make changes easier for you when accidents do occur. Disposable training pants have an advantage over cloth pants if your child is in daycare since the daycare worker doesn’t have to deal with sending home soiled underpants 13. The disadvantage is that the pants are so absorbent that your child doesn’t always recognize when she is wet.