Toddler Meals With Hard Boiled Eggs

Feeding your toddler healthy vitamin-filled meals can be challenging 1. You coax, encourage and eventually find yourself threatening to call Santa Claus. Making nutritious meals for your toddler doesn't have to be a blood-drawn battle if you find a few key foods that your tyke is willing consume without a tantrum. Enter, the hard boiled egg. This colorful food is are a great source of protein and iron for a growing toddler, they can be an ingredient themselves or entire section of the meal.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs turn the novel, and sometimes unappealing, texture of egg yokes into a fluffy, creamy delight. They also look appealing and watching you eat them will hopefully inspire your toddler to follow your example. Serve them whole as you would serve an appetizer. Or, if your tot is picky about different foods touching, serve the deviled yoke in a small bowl with the cubes of egg whites on the side. Finish off the meal of deviled eggs with a few melon moons cut into crescent strips.

Egg Salad

Chunky egg salad with lots of spices and seasonings, like any adult with a normal taste buds prefers, won't necessarily receive acclaim from your toddler. Instead, make a minimal-ingredient egg salad by tossing a few peeled hard boiled eggs in the food processor and a few teaspoons of mayonnaise. Grind the eggs up well, since toddlers aren't a fan of chunky textures, and spread the creamy mixture on small whole wheat crackers or quarters of toasted bread. Serve with a side of sweet pepper strips or some berries for a colorful treat.

Covered Hard Boiled Eggs

Sliced hard boiled eggs make a great topping for foods your little one already enjoys. For example, add thin slices of whole hard boiled eggs between the cheese and sauce on an English muffin pizza or pita pocket pizza. You can also sprinkle hard boiled egg crumbs over the cheese before placing the top slice of bread on a grilled cheese sandwich. While cooking, the cheese melts around the egg, hiding it well from your toddler as he sits down to his favorite meal of bread and orange plastic-wrapped singles.

Mixed-In Hard Boiled Eggs

Who says he has to know what's in his food? Just as you can blend pureed spinach with brownies, you can blend pureed hard boiled eggs inside your tot's meaty favorites. Mix the pureed hard boiled egg in with the meat as your shaping the hamburger patties, meat balls or sausage patties. If you're using pre-made patties, just blend the patties and egg together in the food processor and reshape them with your hands before cooking them on the grill. You can also add pureed hard boiled eggs inside corn bread as a side dish for chicken and potatoes.