Thoughtful Things to Do for Your Grown Children

Your kids will grow up, but you never stop being a parent. Whether they're out of the house or living in your spare room, you want to see them smile. Parents can help their grown children in many ways, including committing thoughtful acts for them.

The Little Things

Gifts don't have to come only on birthdays and holidays. Look for the little things that your child might need or want 2. Buy a sweater that just reminded you of her, replace the hub cap that fell off two months ago or replace the coffee maker that just broke. You might also just help with fixing things around the house that your child might not have noticed or can't fix herself, like a loose cabinet pull or a rickety stair. These little acts show you're paying attention.

Financial Help

Adult children frequently struggle financially and can often use a little help 1. This might come in the form of catching up on mortgage payments, paying a hospital bill or buying a new-to-him car after his old clunker finally quits. Necessities aren't the only thing that you could offer money for, though. Some families are doing fine financially, but would appreciate your offer to pay for private school for the kids. The key to offering financial gifts, according to the AARP, is to ensure that you're set financially before offering to pay for your child.

Seeing Through Life's Transitions

Grown children go through many large transitions in life -- getting that first job, buying a home, getting married and having a baby. Your advice and support during this time can mean a lot 1. Give her some help decorating her first place, perhaps even donating a few items from your own home. Swoop in when that first grandchild comes and take over some of the household duties so she can focus on the little one. These acts go a long way toward showing your child how much you love her.

Time Together

As children grow, they move out of the home, sometimes even to another state or country. This makes it harder to get together frequently, so live it up when you can. Let your child know that he can always stay at your place to save on hotel costs. When you have kids that are spread over the country, it's smart to plan a get-together at a central location. Cities including Las Vegas and Orlando frequently have deals on airfare, and even if you can't buy everyone a plane ticket, you might be able to spring for a few hotel rooms.