Things that 11 year old boys will like

By age 11, most boys have outgrown children's toys and start showing more interest in items and gadgets that attract teens 1. They also show interest in sports activities and often play a sport or have a hobby. Pre-teen boys typically express their interests openly, so it is not difficult to find out the things that they like. By observing and conversing with 11 year old boys, you will find that they generally have similar interests and like many of the same things.


Many 11-year-old boys enjoy riding skateboards. The challenge of riding and the excitement of mastering tricks is not only fun, it teaches boys to overcome fears and gives them a feeling of accomplishment. Because skateboarding can be dangerous, you should purchase a helmet, elbow and knee pads. Compile a list of skate parks in his city and present it with his gift. He will meet other skaters, make new friends and improve his skating skills.


An 11-year-old boy will get great use out of a new computer. He can do his homework assignments, e-mail friends, play online games, watch videos and listen to music. With his own computer, he can customise his desktop, add screen savers, create custom search engines and download information on subjects that interest him. He can also research schools, favourite sports teams and music artists. A computer or laptop is a gift an 11-year-old boy will use regularly.

Music Player

CD players, MP3 players and iPods are good gifts for 11-year-old boys 1. By this age, young men know what type of music they like and usually have a few favourite artists. Since these are portable gifts, he can take his music wherever he goes. You can purchase additional earphones and other accessories, such as carrying cases and speakers. You can also give him a gift card, which allows him to download some of his favourite songs from the Internet.

Video Games

Boys love video game systems, and most of them already have one in their homes. New video games or video game accessories are gifts that an 11-year-old boy would enjoy. Choose games that will interest him, such as sports games, hunting games and fighting games. Accessories, such as wireless game controllers, headphones and racing wheels, can make his gaming experience more exciting. If his game system is outdated, purchase a new one for him.