Themes for Father & Son Church Activities

Family activities at church encourage people to make church more than a worship-once-a-week event. Activities for fathers and sons encourage healthy role-modeling of Christian behaviors and strengthen the family’s activities. Themes help organizers attract attendees by providing information about activities, how to dress and what items participants should bring. A theme title based on hymns could provide the event with opening music 1.

Breaking Bread

Your father-son event theme could be Be Present at Our Table, Lord; One Bread, One Body; Come, Let Us Eat; and Let Us Break Bread Together. Food is always a popular draw for nonworship church events, and a simple meal most fathers and sons will enjoy should attract a crowd. Options include a pancake supper or breakfast, a cookout or a covered dish meal where dads can purchase and bring something already prepared. Once the meal is over, fathers and sons can study a Bible lesson about the qualities of godly men, attend a sporting event or engage in sports activities at the church.

Outdoor Events

Many churches plan outdoor events for father and sons. They can include camping, fishing, hiking, rafting and bike riding. The theme could revolve around God’s creation and how to enjoy it or be a good steward of it. Some events could last just a few hours, but others could take up a weekend. Titles for the theme could include: This Is My Father’s World; All Things Bright and Beautiful; God’s Magnificent Creation; and Creator of the Earth and Skies.

Game Night

A church game night is often well-attended, especially when fathers and sons know some friendly competition and fellowship is planned. Themes could include: We Gather Together; Good Christian Friends, Rejoice; Victory in Jesus; and Rise Up, O Men of God. Fathers and sons could challenge an area church for a friendly game of baseball, football or remote control car race. Also, families can bring board games to share or engage in games such as a basketball shoot out, tug of war, wacky Olympics or team scavenger hunts.

Work or Service Days

A work day is not as much fun as game nights or camping, but every men’s ministry leader can affirm that the church always has a list of chores that need to be done. Fathers and sons can unite to spruce up the church grounds, rearrange classrooms to accommodate growing classes or paint the church. Fathers and sons can also come together to serve others in projects such as feeding the hungry, working on a church building or helping to rebuild an area ravaged by a storm. Themes for the event could include: Bless the Gifts Our Hands Have Brought; What Gift Can We Bring?; Help Us Accept Each Other; and Whom Shall I Send?