Teen Group Meeting Ideas

Group meetings for teens are a way to structure free time in a productive, yet entertaining way. Whether sponsored by a church group, school or community center, having stimulating meeting ideas is key in keeping teens interested and in attendance. Get all the members involved by providing opportunities that inspire them to interact.

Community Involvement

Each month choose a charity or non-profit to support. You might want to participate in a walk-a-thon, do some pet therapy, or organize a bake sale. When you focus your teen group on community involvement, you can automatically build in a weekly meeting structure. One week they can choose a charity, the next week they can agree on how to get involved, the following week they can draw up an actual plan and work out the details -- and the last week of the month, they can put the plan into action. Change the charity each month to keep everyone interested and involved.

Top Teen Chefs

Cooking is all the rage with TV shows featuring chefs -- and scores of websites and books focusing on recipes, nutrition and cooking skills. So why not get a teen group involved in cooking? Center your teen group meeting on cooking a special dish. You can invite a parent to teach the group a favorite recipe -- or ask the local grocery store or market if they can send someone to speak to your group about cooking and nutrition. Have the teens select and shop for the dish they’d like to create. Split up the group into teams and compete to create the best salad or dessert. Summertime meetings can include the growing and cultivating of a vegetable and herb garden as well.

Creative Expression

Teens are typically fearless when it comes to creativity -- and you can keep them interested and active for hours with art projects. Painting murals together, doing organic sculptures with objects they find in the park, or collage art with broken jewelry and old photographs are just some ideas. Get the teens' creative juices flowing and ask them for their suggestions for art activities.

Role Play Games

Teen versions of popular mystery dinner party games are available and get everyone involved in an exciting evening of role-playing and mystery solving 2. Based on clues and teamwork, teens will have to work as a group to solve a mystery. Teens can immerse themselves in a story line through costume and characters as well. Although there are mystery party organizers that you can hire to run the party, scripts and kits are available online at websites like Host-Party.com, so you can do it on a budget, making it a good option for a teen group meeting 2.

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