The Best Style of Starter Earrings for a Baby

Many cultures pierce newborn girls' ears soon after birth. Some parents and medical experts even feel that piercing in the minutes or days after delivery is less painful for the baby, according to the Baby Center website 1. The practice is controversial in America, but if you want to pierce your newborn's ears, understanding how to go about it and choosing the best earrings for her tiny ears makes the process smoother and safer 1. The Baby Center website strongly encourages parents to have an infant's ears pierced at the pediatrician rather than a jewelry store 1.


You might favor dangling earrings, but you probably want to avoid putting them on a baby. If your baby gets a hold of long or hooped earrings, she might pull them out, which could damage her earlobe and cause her significant pain. Older babies, who put everything in their mouths, could choke on a large earring if she manages to remove it from her ear. The Baby Center website recommends small, round and flat earrings, which are more difficult for your baby to get out on her own and pose less of a choking risk.

Fasteners and Backs

Earrings come with a variety of backs or fasteners to hold them onto your little one's ears. Large ones could cause choking, so make sure the backs are small, but fit tightly. The Baby Center website recommends fasteners that cover the entire back of the earring. Also, look for posts that are slightly rounded because they are less likely to poke your baby's skin, which can hurt her or make her uncomfortable if she sleeps on her side or turns her head to the side when lying down.


Some babies react to the metals used to make earrings. If your baby develops a rash on her ear, she is likely having a reaction to the materials her earrings are made from. Dr. Meredith Goodwin suggests surgical steel or 14 karat gold, which are less likely to produce skin issues. Make sure the post and the backing are also made from these metals. In some cases, steel or gold can still cause a rash or skin condition. If that's the case, your baby might not be able to wear earrings of any type, says Goodwin.


Since you'll be taking on the care of your baby's pierced ears, choosing simple styles make it easier to get a cotton swab or cotton ball around the entire earring. Simple flat circles work well because they don't have any jagged edges or embellishments that can catch on cotton when you clean your baby's ears. If you need a bit more direction or reassurance, talk to your baby's doctor about the safest style of starter earrings for your little one.