Stuff to Do With Your Wife in a Boring Town

If you're in a boring town, create ways to make your own fun. Just because the town doesn't offer entertainment such as movie theaters, new restaurants or other venues, it doesn't mean that you and your wife are doomed to a life of sitting on the couch watching TV. Think creatively and you might be surprised just how much fun there is to be had in a boring town.

At-home Activities

After the kids go to bed, get out your stash of board games and challenge each other to a game. The loser has to do the dishes or clean the bathroom. Doing a puzzle together is another entertaining way to spend time together at home. Put on your wife's favorite music and invite her to dance with you or prepare her favorite meal after your children are in bed. Write each other letters about your hopes for the future and then exchange them and have a discussion about your life as a couple. To find out more about your history, go online and research your family tree together. It's a priceless gift to pass on to your children, too.

Treasure Hunt Through Town

Make your boring town more entertaining my creating a treasure hunt for your wife. Write a series of clues that you leave around the town. Write humorous clues that lead your wife to the most boring spots in town or create clues that remind your wife of different things you've done as a couple in the various places in town. Hide the clues ahead of time, hire a babysitter and take your wife on the treasure hunt. The last clue should lead to a prize such as a dinner out or an overnight stay in a neighboring, and more exciting, town.

Make a Date

If the town doesn't have any hot date spots, make your own date. Pack a picnic and a blanket and take your wife in the backyard for a dinner under the stars. Rent a movie, turn off all the lights, pop some popcorn and pretend you're at the movie theater. Ask a family member or friend to come over and prepare a home-cooked meal so you and your wife can pretend you're being served at a pricey restaurant. If you can't find anyone willing to cook for you, order your dinner in, put it on plates and pretend you're at an up-scale restaurant.

Give Back

Volunteer together 1. Head to the soup kitchen and serve a meal side-by-side or ask a church whether you can help clean the exterior by pulling weeds and picking up trash. Take a morning off work and go to your child's school and volunteer in his classroom together. Bake cookies together and drop them off at a fire house or police station in town. Volunteer to deliver meals to home-bound residents or offer to drive your elderly neighbor to the grocery store as more ways to give back to your community while also spending time together.