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How to Sew Clothing for Bratz Dolls

By Melissa J. Bell ; Updated April 18, 2017
You can make clothes for any type of doll.

Bratz dolls, which are part of a popular toy line for young girls, often come with an array of fashionable clothes that suit the style of the particular doll. You can purchase different outfits for the dolls, and interchange the parts and accessories as desired. However, you do not have to be stuck with the available clothing choices if you have another vision for a doll, or if you simply wish to expand a doll's wardrobe. You can dress up a Bratz doll by sewing your own clothing, such as a simple dress.

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Make the Dress Pattern

Take your Bratz doll and remove the clothing. Take the doll's body measurements at the bust, waist and hip. If you have difficulty measuring with the measuring tape, use a piece of string and then measure the string.

Measure the distance between the bust and the waist, the waist and the hip, and the hip and the knee. Also measure the distance between the bust and the knee.

Draw a vertical line on a sheet of paper that is as long as the distance between the bust and the knee.

Draw a horizontal line at the top of the vertical line that is as long as the bust measurement. Center the horizontal line on the vertical line.

Measure down from the top line, using the bust to waist measurement. Draw a horizontal line there that is as long as the waist measurement.

Measure down from the second line, using the waist to hip measurement. Draw a horizontal line there that is as long as the hip measurement.

Draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the vertical line that is as long as you would like the dress hem to be wide.

Connect the horizontal lines together on both sides. Trace around the outside of the shape you have made, adding 1/2 inch to all sides.

Cut the shape from the paper. This will be your Bratz doll dress pattern.

Assemble the Dress

Lay the paper pattern on top of your dress fabric and pin it down. Cut around the pattern so that you have an identical piece in the fabric.

Take the fabric piece. Fold the top and bottom edges 1/2 inch to the underside. Iron the folds flat, then sew the edges down.

Take a piece of 1/4 inch wide ribbon and line it up with the waist of the dress. Sew the ribbon to the outside of the dress. Trim the ends of the ribbon to fit the fabric.

Fold the dress in half along the width, so that the back edges of the dress line up. Pin the back edges together.

Sew the back side of the dress together, starting from the bottom and stopping 1/2 inch below the hip. Use a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Iron the seam allowance open. Also iron the rest of the back edges open 1/2 inch.

Finish the Dress

Take the doll zipper and open it. Pin the left side of the zipper tape to the inner left side of the dress back.

Take a piece of 1/8-inch ribbon and sew one end to the top center front of the dress, on the inside. Make the stitching blend in with the neckline stitching you did earlier.

Take another piece of 1/8-inch ribbon and repeat Step 3. Put the dress on the doll and tie the ends of the ribbon at the back of the doll's neck. Trim the ribbon to the desired length.

Add other decorative elements, such as fancy stitching, ribbon and lace, as desired.

Things You Will Need

  • Bratz doll
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Home sewing machine
  • 1/4 inch presser foot
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • 1/4 inch wide ribbon
  • Doll zipper
  • 1/8 inch wide ribbon


Use a 1/4-inch presser foot on your sewing machine, otherwise you may find it difficult to sew on such a small garment.

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About the Author

A writer with a Bachelor of Science in English and secondary education, but also an interest in all things beautiful, Melissa J. Bell has handed out beauty and fashion advice since she could talk -- and for the last six years, write for online publications like Daily Glow and SheBudgets.

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