Safari Based Games for Kids

Safari birthday parties are popular for young boys and girls, as kids seem to love animals in all shapes and sizes 1. While having a petting zoo or animal face painter may be a part of the party's entertainment, have party guests get up and get active with simple activities. Prepare some fun safari-related games and let children be little "party animals." 1

Animal Charades

Write names of several popular safari animals on index cards such as elephant or lion. Have each child pick a card. Tell the kids they must act out their assigned animal and others must guess it. Inform children that no words are allowed but only animal noises. Once the child is done acting out his animal and the animal is correctly guessed, everyone must act out the same animal together. Continue playing until each child has a turn. To make the game even funnier, have children's parents participate.

Peanut Hunt

Make sure no children have peanut allergies. Hide several unshelled peanuts around the house. Have children pretend they are elephants who are searching for peanuts. Provide each child with a plastic bucket. Tell children to walk around with their arms dangling while carrying the bucket to resemble an elephant's trunk. Each child must find as many peanuts as they can and place them in individual buckets. Count each child's peanut collection. The child who has the most peanuts in his bucket wins the game.

Find Your Animal

Tell children to bring their favorite stuffed animal with them. Collect the stuffed animals in a large pillow case and dump all of them into one big pile on the floor. Blindfold each child. Have the blindfolded child go through the pile and try to pick his own stuffed animal. Continue playing the game until each child has a chance to be blindfolded and pick an animal. Reward each child who picks his stuffed animal correctly with a small prize.

Monkey Says

This game is a variation of Simon Says. Pick one child as the monkey. Have the other children stand in a circle. The children must fulfill the commands of the child designated as the monkey only if it begins with monkey. If you say "Monkey says, clap your hands!" children must clap their hands. But, if you just say "Clap your hands!" children must not follow the command; if they do, they will be disqualified from the game. The last child standing is the winner of the game.

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