How to Have a Romantic Valentine's Day at Home With Kids

Valentine's Day is the one day of the year when Mom and Dad can put away their parental titles and responsibilities and enjoy being a romantic couple. However, this is t always possible if Mom and Dad cannot find an all-important babysitter. Before throwing in the towel and ordering pizza with the kids, realize it's still possible to enjoy a romantic, unforgettable Valentine's Day, it's just integral to set the mood and try to put the kids to bed early.

Sit down with your spouse or partner to plan your romantic Valentine's Day evening. Although this lacks in spontaneity, pre-planning the evening's events helps avoid any unnecessary trips to the grocery store that might arouse the children's suspicions. Create a list of everything you will need to make the night unforgettable, including flowers, candles, the food and a romantic film.

Purchase everything you will need to create the ideal Valentine's Day night at home before the event. If possible, try to either shop for the items, including the food, a new dress or whatever you will need, while the kids are at school, daycare or with the babysitter. Shopping together allows the couple to share a little romantic time together before the main event.

Play with the kids as much as possible on the day of your romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Head to the park and encourage them to play on the swings. Take your kids to the zoo and walk around for several hours. Do whatever you can to make the day special for the kids, just pay attention it also wears them out.

Assign one parent the task of getting the kids ready for bed, while the other begins preparing for the romantic evening. It is the task of the parent helping the children to keep them calm and get them to bed on time, or early if possible. Avoid doing anything that will stimulate the kids, such as rough playing or watching a frightening movie. Instead, read the kids a bedtime story or listen to soothing music. It is the other parent's job to set-up the romantic date night in the kitchen or living room.

Prepare yourself for the Valentine's dinner once the kids are asleep. Just because you are not dining at a five-star restaurant does not mean you cannot dress up and go all out for one another. Remember to try to stay as quiet as possible if you are near the kid’s bedrooms.

Enjoy a relaxing, quiet Valentine's Day dinner, movie and night together. Prepare a meal together that does not involve chicken nuggets or fish sticks. Dine by candlelight, enjoy a bottle of wine or dance in the living room. If one of the kids wakes up, try to cut them off before they see how much fun you are having, or they might want to stay. Instead, lead the child directly back into his bedroom. Do not let the interruptions ruin your evening and instead get right back into the romantic mood with another glass of wine.