Party Supplies for Teens

You’ve chosen the date and theme for your teen’s party and have sent the invites, but -- yikes – you’re stumped as to what supplies to get. What do teen girls really like? It was so much easier a few years ago when your little one clutched her favorite stuffie, skipped rope, and played in the sandbox. You dashed to the party store for streamers, helium balloons, goody bags and bought a cake topped with a castle and her favorite fairy tale character. But now? You’ll need to invest in a little creativity to pick out the perfect party supplies. Your teen, however, might actually thank you for your effort.


Use the theme of the party as a guide to the perfect decoration party supplies. If you're hosting a movie-fest for your teen, turn the party room into a home cinema with rows of beanbag seating, movie posters along the walls and dim lights. Or, decorate the party room for a spa-themed party by spreading light-colored tablecloths and baskets of beauty treatment supplies on spa service tables. Set up an area for lounging with beanbag chairs or oversized throw cushions and use aromatherapy candles to provide gentle lighting and a soothing aroma. Use leis and fake tiki torches to decorate for a luau theme, or decorate for a sports-themed party with posters and cutouts of your teen's favorite sports hero, and glue miniature toy balls from different sports to make eclectic table centerpieces.


A small buffet or a make-it-yourself meal might save you some headaches at your teenager's party because you will not have to worry about making an exotic dish that some partygoers will not eat. Keep the buffet simple with plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with cheese and crackers, cheesy or spicy potato skins, nachos and cheese, or mini burgers. Make-it-yourself meals, such as subs and miniature pizzas let the kids customize the meal any way they like. You might still be able to get away with serving your teenage party crowd hot dogs, but you'll want a few extra condiments so they can customize them with different toppings. Fortunately, if you serve a few items the group has never tried before, this age group is probably willing to try new foods.

Activity Supplies

Age-appropriate crafts can keep your group entertained, and they might even teach the teens a crafty new skill. You can buy beach towels for the kids to decorate with fabric paints for a pool or beach-themed party, or you can have each guest at a beauty-themed party make bath salts from one half cup of Epsom salts and one half cup of sea salts. A few drops of essential oil and a little food coloring. Buy some elastic string and beads so your young fashionistas can make beaded bracelets or barefoot sandals, or use soft fabric, cotton batting and sewing needles, and make a sporty group laugh as they try to sew their first sports-ball pillows.


Send your teen's guests home with something to remember the special event. Pick up an inexpensive sugar cookie mix to make party favors on a budget. Just cut the cookies in shapes that correspond with the party's theme, slide skewers into each cookie and bake. Decorate the cooled cookies with icing and assemble bunches into bouquets to hand out to your guests. You can pick up personalized mugs filled with candies or chocolates at any party, or purchase discount store beach totes to fill with sunscreen, beach towels and sunglasses at a beach party. You can pick up miniature manicure sets for your beauty lovers, or makeup pouches to fill with lipsticks or makeup brushes instead. Buy movie tickets for your film fanatics or gift cards for a free video game rental for your young gamers.