Pageants for Toddlers in Myrtle Beach, SC

Glamour! Makeup! Dresses! Talent 4! Beauty pageants for toddlers have all that and more, and with the TV series "Toddler and Tiaras" garnering a million viewers each week, beauty pageants are getting a renewed amount of attention. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a host city to several beauty pageants aimed at toddlers, both male and female 12. Each pageant sets its own entry fees and requirements. The toddlers who win can take home prizes, trophies, toys and cash, and cam move into statewide or national competition.

Swimsuit Beach Pageant

American Royalty Pageants sponsors the Swimsuit Beach Pageant every June in Myrtle Beach 1. As of the date of publication, entry into the contest is free. However, other categories, which include "prettiest smile" and "prettiest eyes," involve fees. Toddlers are required to wear a modest bathing suit and can wear a coverup if desired. Each competitor earns a prize regardless of whether she wins, though winners earn cash as well.

Sunburst Beauty Pageant

The Sunburst Beauty Pageant is a competition that takes place in the malls of various cities and states, including Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 12. The competitions culminate in state finals and ultimately a national final. The entry fee for the beauty contest is $45, as of the date of publication. The fees for other categories range from $10 to $15 each or a sponsor can choose to buy all eight categories for $110. Boy and girl toddlers age 3 and younger can enter the baby contest, and girl toddlers older than age 3 can enter the Pee Wee contest.

Glitz Pageant

Southern Elite Pageants sponsors the Glitz Pageant and prides itself on being a full-glamour pageant, which means children can wear makeup, fake tan, hair extensions and glamorous clothes. Girls from infancy to age 19 and boys from infancy to age 8 are encouraged to compete. One of these pageants occurs in Myrtle Beach, but Glitz is open to residents from any state 1. All pageants culminate in a final held every December in Disney World in Florida.

Spotlight Event

The Spotlight Event isn't just a beauty pageant; it's also a talent scouting event 4. Residents from any state can participate in the Myrtle Beach pageant, which showcases the beauty, style and talents of children and young adults 1. The judges for this event are modeling and talent agents looking for new faces for their agencies. Pageant winners earn prizes, agency contracts, magazine covers and photo shoots. The Spotlight Event is as much a career platform for young models and actors as it is a beauty pageant.

America's Gorgeous Girls

America's Gorgeous Girls has its South Carolina division pageant at the Springmaid Resort hotel in Myrtle Beach 12. Girls from infancy to age 16 are eligible to enter. Every contestant earns a crown. Admission is $10 as of the date of publication, though one parent and contestant are allowed in free and children ages 4 and younger get in free. Competition categories are $35 each or a sponsor can buy an all-inclusive package for $235 to $265, which includes admission and a T-shirt.

Fundraiser Events

The Miss St. Patty's Day and Miss Carolina Sweetheart beauty pageants in Myrtle Beach are fundraisers that use part of the pageants' proceeds to add to the Miss Grand Strand Scholarship and the Children's Miracle Network 12. Both pageants are open to children from infancy to college-aged.