Night and Day Bottle Warmer Instructions

The Night and Day Bottle Warmer is manufactured by the company The First Years. This warmer is also capable of keeping a prepared bottle cold until you are ready to warm it to feed your baby. Bottles containing breast milk or formula may be heated safely in this warmer. Once your baby begins eating baby food, this warmer is able to warm baby food jars as well, extending the life of the warmer since it can be used beyond heating just baby bottles 1.


Place the bottle warmer on a flat service, out of reach of any children. Plug the warmer into an outlet and switch the unit on.

Measure water for the unit depending on the size of the bottle and the type of milk you want to heat up. The bottle warmer comes with a measuring container. Breast milk requires a different amount of water than formula. The amount of water you need also depends on whether you are using a standard bottle, wide-mouth bottle or a bottle with disposable, drop-in liners. Refer to the reference guide for exact measurement requirements.

Pour the water into the main warming chamber and place the basket into the chamber.

Place your bottle into the basket, using the adapter ring if necessary if you are using any bottle other than a wide-mouth bottle. The adapter ring will ensure that the bottle remains centered and upright during the heating process.

Begin the heating process by pressing the “On” button located on the unit itself. The indicator light will come on to alert you that the heating process has begun. Once the light goes off, the bottle is warm and can be removed.

Test the temperature of the milk by squirting some on your wrist. It should feel warm, but not hot.


Fill the cooling pack with water up to the max fill line, and freeze until solid.

Place the cooling pack into the back portion of the warmer. This area serves as an insulated cooler for baby bottles until they are ready to be used.

Place one to two bottles of breast milk or formula into the cooling chamber and place the lid on the chamber. This area does not cool warm milk, but it will keep milk cold for up to a maximum of eight hours.


Shake the bottle well after it warms to mix the milk and eliminate hot spots.