Do Newborns Need Warm Socks?

It is important to monitor your newborn to make sure he's not cold, but putting him in warm socks is not your only option. Footed pajamas and sleepers are a good alternative to socks, which are easily lost and often fall off of tiny newborn feet, and in warm weather, neither socks nor pajamas may be necessary. According to American Academy of Pediatrics’ Healthy Children website, you should add one more layer of clothing than you are comfortable wearing.


Lightweight socks or booties will keep your baby's feet warm while you are out running errands during mild spring months. Your baby might need warm socks if you are taking a walk on a brisk morning or strapping him into a car seat. Dressing a newborn in a light-weight footed sleeper and bundling in a receiving blanket can usually provide enough warmth when you are at home.


If temperatures are higher than 75 degrees, your baby will not need layers of clothing, including warm socks. According to the KidsHealth website, barefoot is most beneficial for her developing feet, so forgo socks on hot summer days 3. Protect your baby's feet from sun with a canopy or umbrella.


Fall temperatures can vary significantly, so dressing a newborn in layers is generally your best bet 1. Consider swaddling your newborn in a receiving blanket after dressing her in an undershirt, diaper and dressing gown 1. A pair of lightweight socks might be needed on colder days, but the receiving blanket will generally provide enough warmth. If you take your newborn on a walk in a stroller, a pair of warm socks can be helpful on crisp fall days, particularly if your baby tends to kick off blankets.


You baby will likely need to wear warm socks during winter months. If it's cool enough to dress him in an undershirt, diaper, pants and shirt, warm socks are definitely needed. suggests using your baby's hands and feet to see if he is warm enough. If they are cold, add a warm layer of socks or bundle his body so his hands and feet are not exposed. Fleece footed sleepers are an alternative to socks for keeping your newborns feet warm in winter, and you can put socks over the feet of the pajamas for extra warmth if needed.