New Ideas for Teen Crafts

When thinking of new craft ideas for teens, the key is to introduce crafts that produce items your teen can actually use. Projects that are fun to make, yet useful, are the best choice for this age group. Crafts that encourage thriftiness are a good idea as well, since your teen will need to learn how to make the most of her money when she leaves home for college or her first apartment.

Homemade Beauty Products

Making homemade versions of their favorite beauty products keeps teens busy and gives them a way to make special treats for their friends. Teens can make homemade bath salts by combining two cups of Epsom salts with one cup of sea salt. Add food coloring and essential oils as desired, then place the salts in a decorative container such as a mason jar or a tin with a customized label your teen has created. Another easy homemade beauty product craft is tinted lip balm. Mix lipstick samples with a bit of petroleum jelly or a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil.

Altered Clothing

If your teen loves fashion but doesn't have the budget for designer clothes, encourage her to experiment with ways to turn thrift store finds into unique outfits. Simple altered fashion projects include cutting the sleeves and neckline of an old fleece sweatshirt to create a trendy 3/4-sleeve v-neck or using fabric dye and iron-on transfers to camouflage stains in a favorite T-shirt.

Room Decor

Many teens enjoy personalizing their living space, so room decor crafts are an ideal choice for this age group. A teen could repaint an old dresser her favorite color and then stencil or decoupage a design on it. Transform favorite photos of friends into a large collage for the space above her bed. Sew colorful ribbon onto plain curtains to make a modern striped design. If there is a paint-your-own pottery place near your home, your teen could make ceramic trinket boxes for storing small mementos.

Entrepreneurial Crafts

Teens who enjoy crafting may want to choose crafts that they can sell in order to earn extra money. They could sell to their friends, at a local craft show or online through sites like Etsy. The best crafts for teens to sell are those that are small and require little upfront expense. Make beaded key chains by stringing beads on heavy gauge wire. Drawing designs on tissue paper and using a blow dryer to transfer the design onto a pillar candle is another option to consider. Your teen could even decorate it with a homemade candle ring made from silk flowers or beads wrapped around a wire frame.