How to Make a Sleeper Knot for a Yo-Yo

A yo-yo rides up and down on a string 1. As the yo-yo travels down and reaches the end of the string, the string wraps around the axle in the opposite direction and climbs back up the string. Given a slight assist with a flick of your wrist, the yo-yo will climb the string back to your hand. If the string is connected properly, a good yo-yo can "sleep" at the bottom of the string without climbing, until the person controlling it flicks his wrist and the yo-yo climbs back up.

Remove the old string from the yo-yo 1. After a while, strings become so twisted that the yo-yo will not function properly.

Untwist the end of the new string that does not have a loop knotted in it and hold the two strings apart to make a gap big enough for the yo-yo to fit through. Set the yo-yo in the gap so that the string rests on the axle. Release the string and let it twist back together. This connection allows the yo-yo to "sleep" at the end of the string 1.

Make a slip knot in the other end of the yo-yo string. New strings have one end knotted into a loop, but the loop does not adjust to your finger. Grasp the yo-yo string about 2 inches from the loop and push it through the loop to make another loop. Put your finger through that loop, which adjusts to your finger size.


A string that is too loose won't allow the yo-yo to climb back up. Twist the string a little tighter and try it again. A string that is too tight won't allow a yo-yo to "sleep." Untwist the string to make it looser and give it a try.