How to Make Doll Shoes the Easy Way

Patterns for doll clothes are readily available, but you will want to make matching shoes to complete the outfit 1. You can easily make sandals or slip-on shoes for any size doll 1. Doll sandals are easy enough for child to make. A package of adhesive- backed cork tiles will make dozens of pairs of sandals. Sandals can be made without a sewing machine or glue gun, and as such make a good group activity.


Use a pencil and paper to trace an oval around each of your doll's feet. Cut out these patterns. Use these patterns to cut two pieces of adhesive-backed cork tile. Turn the patterns over to cut mirror images of these pieces.

Hold one of the cork pieces against your doll's foot, with the adhesive side down. Wrap a piece of ribbon around your doll's foot and the cork piece. Cut the ribbon so the ends just meet. This will be the strap on top of your sandal.

Pull the paper off the cork you are holding against your doll's foot. Wrap the ribbon around your doll's foot and stick both ends to the adhesive on the bottom of the cork. Pull the paper off a "mirror image" piece of cork and stick it to the bottom of the sandal, sandwiching the ends of the ribbon between the two pieces of cork

Make the other sandal in the same way. Decorate your sandal with beads or tiny flowers if desired.

Slip-on Shoes

Use a pencil and paper to trace around your doll's foot. Add a quarter-inch seam allowance around the edge. Use this pattern to cut two pieces of felt. These are the soles of your doll's shoes 1.

Trace your doll's foot again. This time add a half-inch around the edges. Cut two more pieces of felt with this pattern. These pieces will be the tops of your shoes. Cut a circular hole in the bottom half of these felt pieces. The hole should be half as wide as the oval and be centered in the bottom half of the oval. For example, if your shoe top is two inches wide, cut out a one-inch-wide circle, a half-inch from the sides and bottom of your shoe top.

Sew the tops of your shoes to the bottom of your shoes, easing in the fullness of the larger top piece. Use a quarter-inch seam allowance. Turn the shoes right side out and slip them on your doll's feet 1. You may need to stretch the opening of the shoe a bit, but wool felt stretches easily.


You can sew a quarter-inch piece of ribbon to the sandal for a back strap. Sew pieces of ribbon to each side of the slip-on shoes for ties. These will help hold the shoes on. Turn under a quarter-inch on the end of the ribbons before you sew them on.

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