How to Make Cowboy Boots for a Kid's Costume

Cowboy boots are an essential accessory to a kid’s costume. Children become fully engaged when playing the game of cowboys and Indians. Many choose this costume to wear on Halloween 1. Make your child’s cowboy costume more authentic by adding homemade cowboy boots. You'll save money by not having to purchase expensive cowboy boots that your child will quickly outgrow.

Wrap newspaper around your child’s upper foot. Start at your child’s ankle and move up around the calf. Tape the newspaper wrap together. Make a mark at the altitude you want the homemade cowboy boots to be. Cut away the excess newspaper and make a straight line around the mark you made and cut.

Ask your child to put on brown or black lace-up shoes from which you are going to make into cowboy boots.

Fold enough newspaper to make six strips that are 2 to 3 inches wide. Make the strips 1 inch longer than the diameter of your child´s calf. Wrap the strips around the top and the sides of the pair of shoes you are going make into cowboy boots. Secure with tape.

Repeat these steps to form the other cowboy boot. Cut two slits in the taped newspaper that is around your child´s ankle. Then cut down the leg and cut two small slits on both sides of the ankles so you may roll out the cowboy boots on the table.

Wrap the artificial leather around the newspaper cowboy boots and cut to the same size. Repeat this step for the other cowboy boot.

Secure the artificial leather to the newspaper with safety pins. Glue the seams with textile glue or sew the seams together. Cut the bottom slits in the leather fabric as on the newspaper, so the child can slip the boot cover over his foot.

Poke the point of the scissors through the newspaper and fabric on each side of the bottom slits. Make two or three holes on each side. Lace rawhide strips through the holes and tie as you would your shoes to make a tighter fit along the ankle and calfs for the boots.

Add western decorations of your child’s choosing to the cowboy boots. Slip the cowboy boot tops over the child’s legs. Put the shoes on to finish the cowboy boot look.