How to Make Barbie Dollhouse Furniture

You can make your own dollhouse furniture from many items you have around the house 1. A little creativity goes a long way when designing play furniture for Barbie and her friends. Mix and match styles or go for a unified theme or genre to decorate Barbie's mansion or apartment in style. Transform remnant fabrics and cardboard into miniature creations with little more than glue and attention to detail.

Glue a set of six matchboxes together in stacks three high. Glue the two stacks together. Paint Barbie's new chest of drawers in the color of your choice. Glue beads to the front of each drawer for drawer pulls. Repeat the process and separate the matchbox stacks. Glue on a cardboard table top to make a computer desk.

Pour out the contents of small plastic liquid creamer containers. You can find these containers at many restaurants. Rinse and dry the containers. Glue on round cardboard cutouts for a tabletop or place the container right side up for a wastepaper basket. You may even want to top the container with some small plastic flowers or greenery to give Barbie a green thumb.

Remove the cardboard insert from a light-bulb package. Paint or cover the cardboard in fabric on both sides. Use as a room divider to define spaces. Sew small squares of fabric together and stuff with cotton balls for room-to-room throw pillows.

Carve a couch or chair from a foam block using a craft knife. Round the edges with a nail file. Glue on fabric and make a few throw pillows to match.

Cut a sponge to the size of a Barbie doill. Cut a piece of cardboard as wide as the sponge to use as a headboard. Cover the cardboard with fabric or paint it the color of your choice. Hot-glue the headboard to the sponge. Make a blanket and pillows that match to complete the doll bed.

Hot-glue four round wood beads to the bottom of a mint tin. Paint the tin. Hot-glue fringe trim around the edges. Use as a trunk for Barbie's accessories. Since she's probably acquired more accoutrements than the average teenager, you may need to make several more.

Cover liquid creamer containers with fabric using hot glue. Place upside down and glue onto miniature fingernail polish bottles for lamps. Paint the bottles or cover with glitter.


Paint thin coats of glue to for a faster drying time. Paint furniture with high-gloss paint for gentle cleaning. Seal fabric-covered items with a spray sealant.


Use caution when using a hot glue gun. Make sure your workspace is properly ventilated when using glue, paint and spray sealants.