How to Make Barbie Clothes Hangers

You can make clothes hangers for Barbie that look just like the ones hanging in your closet with a few twists of a paper clip.

If you go to a toy store and look in the Barbie section, what will you find? Of course you will find clothes, houses, cars, friends and boyfriends — oh là là, Ken! But you probably won't find hangers for all of Barbie's clothes. With some supplies from your office and the toolbox, you'll be on your way to completing a Barbie wardrobe.

Notice the end of the paperclip that rests on the outside. This is where you will start.

Grasp the outside end of a paper clip with the needle-nose pliers while holding the opposite edge of the clip. Pull up and over, straightening the clip. Continue completely around the clip, turning the clip into a long piece of straight wire. Use caution not to bend too much, as the paper clip could tear off.

Bend the clip to form a short, wide triangle — like half of a sandwich — and twist the two ends that meet at the top.

Fold the two ends of the now straightened paper clip up to form a triangle with the two ends meeting at the top. Hold the bottom edge of the triangle with your fingers. Come down about half an inch and, with the pliers, crimp the paper clip together and twist twice. Do not twist the whole top part of the clip.

The top of the clothes hanger should resemble a hook.

Grasp one of the ends of the clip at the top of the twist and bend the piece until it breaks off. The clip should now look like a wire hanger with a straightened hook. While still holding the bottom of the clip with your fingers, use the pliers and curve the top piece to look like the hook of a hanger. Test the clothes on the hangers.

Things You Will Need

  • Large paper clips
  • Needle-nose pliers


If you have thick and heavy Barbie clothes, such as a ballgown, use a thicker paper clip.


Use caution when handling the sharp ends of paper clips, and make sure you aren't pinched by the pliers.