List of Hobbies for Children

Hobbies are a way for children to learn and explore something they are interested in. Hobbies also provide a way for parents or grandparents to spend quality time with children as they participate in the child's hobby. Children's' hobbies include a wide variety of activities that appeal to a wide range of personalities and ages.

Physical Activities

Sports and other physical activities are hobbies that involvee children in a variety of physical activities. Children can participate in team sports such as baseball, football, basketball or soccer. Or individual sports such as skateboarding, roller blading, and ice skating. Dance is another physical hobby. Dance includes ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. Hiking and water sports are also physical hobbies.


Some children enjoy participating in outdoor hobbies. These hobbies include gardening, sailing, beachcombing and hot air ballooning. Some children enjoy kite flying, bird watching and fishing. Some outdoor hobbies, like star gazing, can be enjoyed year round 1.

Creative Hobbies

Some kids like to create things as a hobby. Creative hobbies include making beaded jewelry, drawing, collages, painting and sewing. Other creative hobbies including using modeling clay to make sculptures, making model cars or airplanes. Some kids enjoy crocheting, knitting and cross-stitch or culinary arts.


Some families start collecting specific items for their children before they are even born. Some collections for kids include die cast cars, baseball cards, dolls, coins and stamps. Kids can collect souvenirs from various destinations they visit. These collectibles include items such as pins, bumper stickers, magnets or decorative spoons. Some kids enjoy collecting things from nature such as pretty rocks, sea shells and flowers.

Other Hobbies for Children

Other hobbies for children including performing, composing and listening to music. Some kids enjoy computer activities such as programming or gaming. Other hobbies including learning about science, art history and other academic subjects, putting together puzzles, taking photographs and sight-seeing.

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