Kings & Queens Costume Ideas for Children

Your kids may not rule the roost yet, but for a day, you can let them indulge in being queen or king for the day. Whether it's Halloween or a costume party, if your son, daughter or both want to dress like royalty, you can easily make a king or queen costume at home with inexpensive materials or items you already have.

Royal Clothing

For a classic queen costume, dress your little girl in a long-sleeved, floor-length dress or robe. Any dress with puff sleeves will work as well. On top of the dress, the queen should have a floor-length cloak of some sort. You can make your own cloak by purchasing fabric and faux-fur trim from a craft or fabric store. Cut the robe to fit your child and sew the fur trim along the edges. Choose fabric in a color associated with royalty such as deep purple or ruby red. For a king, you can dress your child in plain dark pants and top, then cover that with a fluffy bath robe in a royal color. You can embellish the robe with "gold" accents by cutting gold foil into a trim and taping it to the collar and cuffs of the robe.

The Crown

Your children can help you make the crowns for their king and queen costumes 1. For a simple crown, cut gold poster board into a wide band with triangular points along the top edge. Fit the strips around your children's heads, and cut off the excess material. You can get more creative and elaborate with the points, using pictures of royal crowns to guide you. Give your kids glitter glue, glitter ribbons and plastic jewels to glue to the crowns in a decorative fashion. When the glue on the crowns have dried, staple the ends together to create the crown shape.


Take the king and queen costume a step further by including additional royal accessories 1. To make a scepter for your royal kids, cover a wrapping paper tube and a foam ball with gold spray paint. Glue the ball to one end of the wrapping paper tube. You can also embellish their costumes with gaudy, over-sized costume jewelry, such as necklaces with lots of gemstones and gigantic rings. You can also have your little girl wear black or white long-sleeved gloves to add to her regalness.

Famous Kings and Queens

Adapt the costumes if your child wants to represent a famous king or queen character from a movie or book. For example, if your child wants to be the Queen of Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland," have her wear a red or white dress and sew on red or white fabric hearts all over it. Cover her face with white powder makeup, bright blue eye shadow and red lipstick. If your son wants to be King Arthur from "The Knights of the Round Table," have him wear a long, plain tunic with a belt wrapped around the middle. Paint some type of symbol on the tunic to represent a family crest.

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