Kids Activities & Crafts for Nurses Day

By Lisa Walker
Ask your little nurse to make you better.
Ask your little nurse to make you better.

Teach your toddler or preschooler about the important people in her community, staring with nurse -- they're great role models, and your tyke might want to become a nurse some day! This job is celebrated with National Nurses Day on May 6, with National Nurses Week through to May 12.

Nurse's Cap

Make a nurse’s cap. Take a sheet of 8 1/2-by-11-inch white printer paper and fold it in half lengthwise to fit around her head. Show her how to draw a cross on the front, which she can color red. You could make one for her teddy bear, as well. Write her name on a white sticker for her to wear proudly as her nurse’s badge. You can write in pencil and encourage her to trace over it in pen. A toy store will have a plastic stethoscope your child will proudly wear around her neck.


Your kiddo will probably be fascinated with the equipment nurses use. Find a shoe box or similarly-sized box to help her make her own first aid kit. Cut a thermometer shape out of card stock and explain how she can put this under an arm to "See if the patient is too hot." You might enjoy listening to her try to say the word, thermometer. She could have a toilet roll for bandages, stickers for adhesive bandages and an empty plastic container and spoon for medicine or tablets. Tell her, "You should never eat real medicine or tablets unless Mommy says to, because it could make you sick." Have her color a big red cross on her box.

Nurse's Training

Tell your kiddo you are going to train him to be a nurse. You could say, "A nurse needs to know all about the body. Can you tell me where your ears are? Where are your knees?" Show him where his heart is and have a listen, telling him what noise it makes afterward, then have him listen to yours. Make a big body puzzle out of card stock, including pieces for ears, lips, limbs and eyes and have him stick it all together. Tell him how nurses have to have very clean hands so they do not spread germs and then show him how to wash his hands properly with soap.

Role Play

Create a little hospital using teddies and dolls for your little nurse to work in. She could tuck them into their beds, take their temperatures, wrap toilet paper roll bandages around broken limbs and give them their medicine. Give her kitchen or bathroom scales to weigh her babies on and tell her, "The nurse weighed you like this when you were a little baby." Pretend a crayon is a needle and have her give the babies their injections. She could tell the little babies, "Be brave." You can use stickers as adhesive bandages.

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