How to Inflate a Children's Pool With No Air Compressor

If you do not have a built-in pool at home, an inflatable pool can be a fun and safe alternative for your children on hot summer days. Unfortunately, these types of pools have to be inflated quite often, a task that can be time consuming. While using an air compressor is perhaps the easiest method for inflating a pool, several alternative devices can be used that do not require you to use your lungs.

Determine which device you will use to inflate the children's pool. A vacuum cleaner with an exhaust or a reverse switch is the closest alternative to an air compressor although a leaf blower works as well. If you do not have either of these devices, you can use a bicycle pump or other manual pump to inflate the pool.

Attach an air funnel to the hose of the vacuum cleaner or bicycle pump, or to the end of the leaf blower. An air funnel can be made out of a plastic funnel or cone and should funnel air into a small circular area to get it into the pool. Many inflatable pools come with custom air funnels that can be attached to a variety of inflation devices.

Wrap the overlapping area of the hose and the funnel with duct tape. A snug fit between the funnel and the hose of the vacuum cleaner, bicycle pump or leaf blower ensures high air pressure, preventing air from escaping the funnel.

Insert the end of the funnel into the inflation hole of the children's pool. This hole is usually covered by a plastic plug that must be removed before inserting the air funnel. You may need to use more duct tape to secure this connection if the fit is not snug.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner or leaf blower, or pump the bicycle pump. As soon as the pool is inflated to an acceptable pressure, turn off the vacuum cleaner or leaf blower, or stop pumping.

Plug the pool's air inflation hole.


Ensure that no water is in or around the pool during inflation. Otherwise, electrocution could result if you use an electrical device to inflate the pool.

Do not overinflate the pool because that could damage the pool's material.

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