India Republic Day Children's Activities

India celebrates Republic Day on Jan. 26. This national holiday is a celebration of India's democracy and culture. Your child can help you prepare for family get-togethers and neighborhood parties by preparing food and decorations. Let her tackle the invitations, coordinate the colors for family outfits and shop for your Republic Day feast.

Stick Flag

All you need to craft a stick flag is multicolored wooden craft sticks, a blue marker and nontoxic school glue. Pick out the green, orange and white sticks. If you can't find multicolored sticks, have your child paint them in advance. Glue two sticks together to make the flagpole. These can match one of the flag colors or be your child's favorite color. Next glue two orange sticks at the top, perpendicular to the flag pole. Next glue two white sticks and then two green sticks beneath them. Your child can use the blue marker to draw a chakra on the white sticks.

Bracelets and Chains

These easy crafts decorate both your child and the room. To make bracelets, you'll need a stack of pipe cleaners, in orange, white and green. Have your child take one pipe cleaner of each color and then twist the three together to make the bracelet. Twist the ends together to close. Encourage your child to make bracelets for everyone in the family. To decorate your home, provide strips of white, orange and green construction paper. Have your child make loops out of the strips, slowly joining them together. Add a little practice math by measuring the length and width of the room first so your child can measure her chain. Keep going until it crosses the room.

Bravery Award Ceremony

Each year on Republic Day, some children receive Bravery Awards from the government of India. Put in a little preparation and help your child host her own Bravery Award ceremony. Have her create awards for the Most Helpful, Most Empathetic, Best Team Player and Best in Class. The awards can be as simple as homemade certificates on paper or, if she’s ambitious, clay sculptures representing each award. Invite her friends to a Republic Day party and surprise them with awards.

Eating Orange, White and Green

Ask your child to help prepare patriotic Indian meals. Be prepared by shopping for many foods in the appropriate colors so there’s lots to choose from. For example, start the day with tri-colored sandwiches such as cucumber and tomatoes on white bread. You can prepare tri-colored pulao or biryani by adding carrots and peas. Have everyone dress in orange, green and white and use tri-colored trays and plates to add to the theme. If you can, take your foods to a banyan tree, India's national tree, and eat a picnic there.