Ideas on Decorating Jean Jackets for Kids

Jean jackets are a great wardrobe staple for kids, as denim is tough and can withstand the everyday play of your little one. Letting your child decorate her jean jacket is a fun activity that can provide a sense of self-expression.

Handmade Pins

Pins are an easy and interchangeable way your wee one can decorate her denim jacket. Another bonus is that you can use a variety of mediums using pin backings and hot glue, with adult supervision of course. Have her cut small shapes and letters out of foam sheets to glue onto pins, glue various jewels onto pins, fake flowers, sea shells, or anything else she loves. Create numerous colors and styles to change out every day for any occasion 1.

Fabric Paints

Fabric markers and puff paints are another inspired way to decorate jackets. Use one or both, and let her come up with her own designs and patterns, write her name or draw her favorite animal or sport. Have her draw out her ideas first on paper, so that you can modify as needed. Use a fabric pencil to draw the design onto the back, front or pockets of the jacket before you go over the lines with markers or paint.

Patch It Up

Dress up her jean jacket with patches, which is also an effective way to salvage a jacket that is beginning to tear or get worn. Though a tough fabric, even denim jackets can eventually get weak spots and tears, such as in the elbows or pockets. Spend time picking out fabrics with her that you can sew onto the inside of the garment. Another idea is to use white linen and let her draw her own pattern or design on it with fabric marker or paint to make into a patch.


Ribbons add a flash of color and texture to jean jackets and can also be interchangeable. Cut small holes going down each sleeve of the jacket, from the inside just next to the sleeve’s stitching. Once you have your holes you can weave long strings of ribbon in and out of them going down the sleeves for a stream of color. Tie ribbons through button holes into pretty bows. For a fringe effect, you could even sew two-inch pieces of ribbon next to each other dangling from the sleeves or bottom of the jacket.