How to Make Rag Dolls

Little girls have enjoyed playing with rag dolls for many years. Most rag dolls are simply made, but you can add as much detail as you want to give them more personality. These inexpensive toys are so easy to make that you can have a rag doll made in just one to two hours, ready to give to your child as a present. This craft can give any little girl hours of enjoyment that she'll remember for a lifetime.

Make the pattern by drawing the outline of a doll's body on construction paper. Many rag dolls are between 9 to 16 inches tall, but you can make the doll pattern as big or small as you like.

Cut the pattern out and lay it on one side of a pillowcase. The pillowcase can be in any colour or print that you want. Smooth the pillowcase so there aren't any wrinkles on either side.

Pin the paper pattern to the pillowcase, making sure that both sides are pinned together. Carefully cut out the doll's outline. You should now have a front and back.

Mark with the pencil where you want the eyes, nose and mouth to go. You can embroider the eyes, nose and mouth now. Put the right sides of the doll's body together and pin in place.

Use a sewing machine to sew the edges of the body together, leaving a ¼-inch seam. Leave a space open between the legs wide enough so you can stuff the body.

Take the pins out and turn the doll inside out. First stuff the arms and legs, using a crochet hook or pencil to push the batting into place. Next, finish stuffing the body, and hand sew the opening shut.

Measure at least 12 inches of yarn in the colour you want for the doll's hair and cut it. The doll's hair can be as long or short as you want it.

Lay one strand of yarn on the doll's head and centre it. Secure the piece of yarn to the doll's head with craft glue. Do the same with the rest of the yarn to finish making the rag doll.

Dress your finished rag doll in clothes made for its size. You can find doll clothes in toy stores or make them yourself from patterns.


You can use newspaper to draw the pattern instead of construction paper. You can use old rags, cotton balls or even paper to stuff the doll.