How to make peg dolls

Thrill your little girl and all her friends with cute little peg dolls. These wee little dolls are quick to craft and are created using doll pegs or old fashioned wood peg clothespins. They are wonderful for using up scraps of fabric and ribbon and can be made into quite a cast of characters by changing the hair colour and fabric choices. Plan this fun project for your children's playtime, sleepover craft or birthday party activity.

Lay a scrap of fabric wrong side up on your work table. Draw a 5 inch circle on the fabric using a compass. Cut out the circle. Fold the circle in half and then in half again. You will end up with four layers in a triangle shape. Measure down from the point a 1/4 inch and cut the point off. Open the circle of fabric to reveal a hole in the centre.

Slip the fabric hole over the ball of the peg. The ball will be the peg doll's head. Hold the circle down and around the length of the body. Note: You will want to position the doll legs so there is a front and back to the doll. Cut a 10 inch piece of 1/8 inch wide satin ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the circle dress and into a bow, an inch below the doll's neck. This will create the doll's waist. Slide the bow to the back of the doll dress and trim the ends of the bow to the desired length.

Measure and cut a peach or pink coloured pipe cleaner, 5 inches long. Place the centre of the pipe cleaner length against the front of the peg doll's neck. Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner around the neck, cross them in the back and bring the ends to the front sides of the doll for the arms. Wind each end of the pipe cleaner around a wood skewer, one time, for the hands. Remove the wood skewer. Cut an 8 inch piece of 1/8 inch wide satin ribbon. Tie the ribbon into a 1 1/2 inch bow and trim the ends to the desired length. Apply craft glue to the knot on the back of the bow. Lay the bow over the pipe cleaner at the front of the neck on the peg doll.

Cut a 1 inch ringlet of craft doll hair. Rub the hair between your hands to fluff. Apply craft glue to the front, back and sides of the doll's head and lay the hair in the glue. Allow the glue to dry. Apply blush to the cheeks of the face using a cotton swab. Dip the tip of a toothpick in black acrylic paint and dot a nose in the centre of the face and two eyes above the nose. Use a fine tip permanent marker to draw a smile on the face from one cheek to the other. Insert the legs of the peg into a peg doll stand to finish.

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