Hawaiian Luau Party Activities for Babies & Kids

When it comes to entertaining the young crowd, few party themes go over as well as a Hawaiian luau 4. Not only does this give you all an excuse to bust out some sweet dance moves while playing some Hawaiian music, the games and activities will keep the kids busy for hours. The luau theme doesn’t go out of style and you may get recurring requests for this party idea 4.


A Hawaiian luau is not complete without some games for the kids to play 4. Transform six empty soda bottles into a coconut bowling set. Fill the bottles one-third full with water, screw the caps on tightly, arrange them into a triangle shape and let the kids use a coconut to try to knock them over. Don’t be surprised if your toddler just runs down and knocks them over himself -- that works, too. If you want something funny to watch, set up a poi eating contest for the kiddos. This is just some tapioca or vanilla pudding on a paper plate that they have to eat with their hands behind their back. The first kid to eat all of the “poi” wins the race. Babies and toddlers may just enjoy some pudding as a tasty snack. Use a small beach ball for a luau hot potato game after the eating contest.

Group Activities

Set up an obstacle course for your child and the other partygoers. Use sidewalk chalk or masking tape to make zig-zag or wavy lines that they must follow. Along the course, place large plastic hoops to use, a limbo pole to crawl under, an activity tube to crawl through and some plastic baseball bases to hop on. This can be an activity for all of the kids at once or a relay. When everyone has participated in the obstacle course, throw on some Hawaiian music for a dance party. Put on a hula skirt and show the children how to do the hula.

Edible Activities

With all of the activities going on, the children could use a refreshment. Smoothies can be a tasty treat for children young and old. Babies over 1-year-old may like a peach or tangerine smoothie. Toddlers will get a kick out of a banana and strawberry smoothie. Older children may enjoy a mixed berry and vanilla ice cream or pineapple, mango, vanilla yogurt and pineapple-orange juice smoothie. If you are using milk in your smoothie, use whole milk for children under 2 years. KidsHealth points out that you can use a low-fat or non-fat version after he reaches his second birthday. Soy, almond, coconut and hemp milk are non-dairy options for children with milk allergies or intolerance. Once you’ve blended up your smoothie of choice, serve it up in a coconut-shaped or tropical-themed cup with a swirly straw or a festive umbrella 3.


Your kiddo can get crafty while enjoying the festivities. Hand your child some Hawaiian attire, such as flower shirts, shorts, flower leis, silly hats, snorkels and sunglasses and have him put some of the stuff on. Encourage him to stand on a cardboard surfboard cut-out and give you his best “hang 10” pose so you can take a picture. He can then sit down at a table to make a seashell picture frame to put his picture in. A plain wooden frame, non-toxic tacky glue and various seashells will do the trick. Non-toxic colored sand can add a nice touch, too. Once the frame is dried and you have printed off or developed the picture, help him put the two together for a luau souvenir. Offer shell beads and fishing line at a craft table for kids who want to make a shell bracelet or necklace.