Halloween Painting Crafts for Toddlers to Make

Halloween painting crafts give toddlers the opportunity to explore with their senses, develop creativity and improve fine motor skills. Toddlers love to learn about objects and concepts by touching, squeezing, rubbing and poking. Prepare your craft space for messes, don your painting shirts and let the orange and black paint fly this Halloween season.

Halloween Shapes

Painting large Halloween-themed shapes teaches toddlers what Halloween is all about 2. Using sponges to apply the paint requires little precision while producing results your tot will be proud of. Before painting, cut several shapes out of sturdy paper like pumpkins, spiders, cats, bats or ghosts. Consider using black paper and white paint or white paper with black and orange paint to expose your tot to the colors commonly associated with Halloween. Cut a 3-by-5-inch kitchen sponge into two or four squares big enough for your toddler to grasp. Use paper plates as your paint palette, designating one plate for each color of washable, non-toxic paint. Dampen the sponge before applying the paint, then show your toddler how to dip the sponge in the paint and press it on the shape.

Paint a Pumpkin

Let your toddler enjoy the smooth, slippery surface of a pumpkin by covering it with paint and glitter. Provide a chunky, easy-to-grasp brush or let her use her hands to paint. Prep the area by drying the pumpkin thoroughly and placing it on newspaper. Help your tot paint a face using triangles, circles and rectangles or let her cover the pumpkin in her own design. Sprinkle glitter over wet paint to add shimmer. Add chenille stems, colored pom-poms, plastic eyes or foam shapes and letters for additional decor.

Halloween Scene

Help your toddler draw a Halloween scene with crayons on a piece of paper. Draw simple shapes, like a pumpkin, ghost, tree without leaves, fence posts or a black cat. Let your toddler color the shapes in with crayon, encouraging him to press hard and fill in the entire shape with crayon. Finish off the piece by water-coloring over the entire page to create a magical sky where the wax from the crayons resist the water in the paint.

Rock Creatures

Encourage your toddler's creativity by transforming a variety of rocks into Halloween creatures. Begin the project with your little artist by collecting several rocks in any shape and size desired. Rinse and dry the rocks as necessary. Set out a variety of paint colors and an easy-to-grip brush for your child. Let her paint her rocks as desired. Return to the project after the paint has dried to transform the rocks into Halloween-inspired creatures by adding plastic eyes, colorful craft fur, glitter or pom-poms.