How to Give a Shower for New Foster Parents

Giving a shower for someone who is preparing to foster a child is a wonderful idea. Whether the child is just a few months old or a teenager, there are plenty of things the foster parents can use. You can plan the shower as a surprise or let them know ahead of time. Either way, a shower will be appreciated and is a great way for friends and family to show their support for the new foster parents.

Organize for Success

Send out invitations at least one month before the shower, which include the age of the foster child. This will serve as a guideline for gift buying. Since foster children can show up with nothing but the clothes on their backs you have a wide range of gift ideas. If choosing something for the home think about things that will make the family's life easier such as extra towels, linens or kitchen items such as cookware. Gifts for the child such as a stroller, high chair, diaper bag or bottles would be good for those fostering infants and younger children. For older kids a game system, movies, school supplies or personal items will make the foster child's transition into the home easier 2.

Choose your menu. Order or make a cake large enough to feed your guests. Decorate the cake with best wishes for the new addition to the foster family. Ideas for the cake's message would include, "Welcome to the Family," "Forever Family," or "Congratulations on Your New Addition." Decide if you want to ask everyone bring a dish or have a caterer take care of the meal and do a sit down luncheon or dinner.

Decorate the room where your shower will be held. Choose a theme based on the age of the child being fostered. If the foster parents will be welcoming an infant into their home you can decorate with baby bottles, rattles and pink or blue streamers. If the child is a toddler look for decorations in characters appropriate for that age group such as Elmo, Dora the Explorer or Backyardigans. If the foster child is a preteen or teen look for music or movie themes.


Gather friends to help plan the shower. This way you can each take charge of one job so you won't be overwhelmed. Decide on your budget at the beginning and plan accordingly.