Gift Ideas for an 11-Year-Old Girl

Eleven-year-old girls can be hard to shop for. They are not kids anymore, but they are still not teenagers. Instead they have been dubbed "tweens," in between the childhood and teenage years. Their likes and dislikes are changing all the time, making buying a gift difficult. Look for something they will both like and use.


Eleven-year-old girls are using starting their interest in fashion. Jewelry is a perfect gift for a preteen girl because it's something she can always wear and hopefully always keep. A small necklace with a playful pendant like a heart, star or butterfly is a good choice as it's girly and youthful. A charm bracelet is another option. Choose charms that relate to the girl's life and her interests. She can change out the charms as she gets older and her preferences change.

Craft Kits

She's not a little kid anymore, but she probably still loves doing crafts. Buy your tween a jewelry making kit, which will allow them to express their creativity and make beautiful jewelry pieces to wear or to giveaway to friends and family. They may also like a scrapbooking kit. She'll be able to create scrapbook pages where she can store all her pictures and memories.


Preteens may be too old to play Candy Land, but they will never stop playing games completely. Board games and card games make great gifts because they last a long time. Choose classic games that tweens can play as they grow up. If she's into video games, you can go that route. With so many options on the market, find one that fits her personal taste.

Gift Cards and Money

When in doubt, choose a gift card or money as a gift for an eleven-year-old girl. She will be able to buy whatever she likes, and you will not have to stress out about choosing a gift. Write a nice card and slip the money or gift card inside. This will likely be one of her favorite gifts.