A Gift Guide for Teen Girls

Finding the perfect gift used to be as simple as looking for the most popular toy on the store shelves. Now that your teenager has found her own unique style and developed a variety of interests, gift giving might seem like more of a challenge. Fortunately, if you muster up all your creativity and think outside the box, you'll be surprised how quickly your quest for the perfect gift is complete.

Beauty Lovers & Fashionistas

If your teenager has a flair for fashion and beauty, use her passion to find the perfect gift 12. You can pick up a variety of different pieces of makeup that she's been longing for, or treat her to just one or two pieces of upscale stuff used by film and rock stars. You can skip the trip to the store if you like, and present her with some homemade beauty essentials instead, such as moisturizing hand scrubs, made from olive oil and sugar, or a moisturizing oatmeal and aloe vera gel facial. Splurge on a trip to a local spa instead and treat both of you to manicures and pedicures, or hire a mobile esthetician and enjoy a little pampering in the comfort of your own home.

Adventure Seekers

Surprise your teenage daredevil with an experience she won't soon forget, such as a zip-line tour over a nearby forest, a wildlife encounter at the zoo or a swim with whale sharks -- or maybe just some up-close observation through glass. You can surprise your teen by enrolling her in private surfing or snowboarding lessons, or take her to a few rock climbing classes. If you're just as brave as your daughter, share in her adventure together with a tandem paragliding experience, or share a ride down a hill in a giant PVC ball with a globe riding experience.

Sentimental Gals

For a teenager who collects keepsakes wherever she goes, give her a gift from the heart that she'll cherish for years to come. You can have a picture of the two of you printed onto a T-shirt or make a photo scrapbook to commemorate her childhood years. You can buy or make her a memory box so she can keep all of her future mementos safe or make her a brand new blanket of your favorite picks from her baby clothes. If your teenager never goes anywhere without jewelry, present her with a special necklace or bracelet with photo pendants or sentimental charms. You can also make a piece of jewelry yourself, such as a beaded anklet or a pair of barefoot sandals.

Avid Chefs & Dessert Lovers

If your teenager loves to cook up a storm, surprise her with a gift that will help her perfect her culinary skills. A gourmet cooking class will be an experience to remember and it will be even more memorable if you share in the experience, too. Skip dinner and go straight to dessert if your teen prefers to bake goodies and enroll her in a class for young pastry chefs. If she'd rather indulge her sweet tooth than prepare the treats herself, surprise her with a chocolate gift unlike anything she's ever seen. Make an enormous chocolate bar at home from melted milk chocolate and a gigantic candy mold, or surprise her with a tasty bouquet of scrumptious chocolate chunk cookies.