Gift Exchange Ideas for a Kid's Birthday Party

Gift exchange parties are often planned for a birthday child who already has a sufficient amount of toys or to prevent her from receiving duplicate presents 1. By exchanging gifts, your child still receives one gift and all her party guests also leave with a gift. Plan some fun ways to exchange gifts.

Children's Books

Every attending child could use a good book to add to his home collection. Ask parents to bring a wrapped children's book to the party. Place the wrapped books in a pile and have the children sit in a circle around the pile. Place numbered slips of paper in a hat corresponding to the number of kids in the circle, and let each kid draw a slip. The child who has the number one will be the first person to pick a book from the pile and then each child with the subsequent number can choose a book. Continue playing until each kid picks a book.

Edible Gifts

Edible gifts can take the place of a birthday dessert for children. Tell parents and kids to prepare a batch of homemade cookies and place them in a decorative tin. Assign a certain type of cookie for each child to make so you will end up with an assortment of cookies at the party. Place the tins on a large table. Select the birthday child to be the first to pick a cookie from each tin on the table. Once she has selected her cookies, let each child make a plate of cookies by taking one cookie from each tin. Kids can also put one of each cookie in a favor bag to take home.

Stuffed Animals

Young children love to cuddle up with a stuffed animal before going to bed. Ask parents of party guests to bring a wrapped stuffed animal to the party allowing every child to leave with a new cuddle buddy. Have the children sit in a large circle and play some music. Give the children one of the wrapped stuffed toys to pass around. Randomly stop the music. The child holding the gift when the music stops gets to keep the gift and is then out of the game. Continue playing until every child receives a gift to open.

Gift Cards

Older children or teens will appreciate giving and receiving gift cards as it allows them to purchase a small item they want or to use it toward a larger item. Ask guests to purchase gift cards from different stores in small amounts -- such as five dollars -- and bring them to the party in white envelopes. While guests are in another room, hide all the envelopes in different places throughout your party room. Guests must look around the room to find the envelopes. The first envelope that the party guest finds he gets to keep. Continue playing until all cards are found.