Funny Ways for Children to Remember the Capitals

Learning the capitals of states and countries is a rite of passage for kids 3. However, geography lessons can be tedious and difficult to remember. Playing word tricks and games makes it much easier; kids might not even notice they are learning something as they play and sing 1.

Online Games

Online games can also help kids learn state and country capitals through competitive quizzes and repetition. These include "Capital Catch" at, which lets kids pick multiple choice answers as they play against the clock. As kids play the same games repeatedly, trying to beat their best score and time, they commit the capitals to memory. Another game called "50 State Capitals" combines memory with hand dexterity and speed as kids have to drag the name of the state capital to its location on a map.

Word Tricks

Catchy songs and rhymes are a good way to help children remember country and state capitals. Use rhymes and words tricks that combine similar sounding words to help kids memorize difficult information, according to the website Let Kids Lead 5. Several resources have songs and rhymes that can teach students about their country and world. You can also get creative and come up with fun word rhymes together with your children. Choose a country or state and make a rhyming sentence with it and its capital city, changing words in silly ways to fit the rhyme. Your kids are sure to remember "I got backa to Dhaka in Bangladesh" and "I went to the rodeo in Denver, Colorad-eo."

Capital City Bingo

Teach a group of children to remember capital cities by playing country or state capital bingo. This game is more challenging than traditional bingo. Make your own bingo sheets by writing names of capital cities in the squares instead of letters. To play Capital City Bingo, have the kids mark the capital city as you call out the country or state, according to Mother Nature Network 3. The child who gets the first correct row wins the game. At the end of the game review the correct answers so that kids can learn from their mistakes. Children can play the same bingo tables repeatedly to help them remember the capitals.

Map Game

Another game that can be played in pairs or groups is Speed State-ing. Mother Nature Network notes that this board game uses maps to help kids remember capital cities for states or countries 3. After reviewing a map or atlas for about five minutes, kids play against the clock to write down as many capital city names on a blank country or world map. This game allows the children to learn from each other as they help their team win. Speed State-ing can also be used to sneak in a geography lesson for family game night.