Fun Stuff to Do With Your Wife

Whether you are newly married or have several decades under your belt, it's always important to keep the fun in your marriage. Having fun and laughing help cement the relationship, and can make the low points feel not so rough. Planning fun stuff to do with your wife doesn't have to cost a lot; in fact, many are free or relatively inexpensive.

At Home

For fun, frugal times spent with your wife, your best bet is to stay home. Make some homemade pizza together, pop some popcorn and have a movie marathon, either watching movies you own or watching them through movie subscription sites such as Netflix or Hulu. If you are a game buff, play rounds of Uno, Monopoly or Guess Who? Spend time together doing something you both enjoy.

Out and About

A simple dinner and a movie are fun, but it can get predictable after awhile. Instead, throw in some shopping, or go out in the morning on the weekend. Visit the community theater, go to a poetry reading or hang out at a festival in your town. Going out on the town can also involve a physical activity or two. Ride bikes through historic areas or go for a hike if you have a nature park close by. Even just a picnic in the park can be fun, if you've taken the initiative and planned it all out.

Dreaming for the Future

Dreaming of the future is a fine way to spend an evening or even an entire weekend. Go house hunting for your dream house. If you already own your dream house, plan how you eventually want to remodel, repaint, or just change a few elements here and there. Plan your next couple or family vacation, sparing no expense on paper. It can be fun to see what your spouse thinks would constitute a dream vacation compared to your own.

Fun Work

Some couples enjoy working together and find it fun and refreshing. Find a charity and volunteer once a month together. You could paint houses, clean up a park or pass out food. Work on your own home; painting a bedroom or living room doesn't cost a lot, but it can be a fun weekend updating the look of your house. Planting a garden or cleaning out the garage can also be fun when paired with the right attitude and some catchy music.